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The End is Near

November 16, 2004

"Some independent scientists are predicting that "Peak Oil" will come at about 2007 - much sooner than "official" estimates of 2037. The oil extracted after this point is going to be more expensive to get out of the ground, furthur driving up the price. The price of oil is due to skyrocket, and more than it has done recently. Soon supply will start to be less than demand.

Look around you. Perhaps make a list of everything that wasn't:

-Made using oil
-Transported to your home using petrol
-Grown using oil run tractors
-Packaged with plastics
-Made with machines running on fossil fuels

It will be a very short list.

For every 1 calorie of food we eat, 10 calories of oil are burned. When the price of oil goes up, what do you think will happen to the price of food? And everything else?

The time to act is now. Global Warming is not the only threat here. The mild oil depression of the 1970's is nothing. This will be forseeably permanent. Massive worldwide death, and a time that will radically alter human existence.

We can't avoid this, but we can make it a lot less disastrous."

Thanks, End My Liberation for the information.

For more information, visit:

Life After the Oil Crash
Animated Oil Story
Power Switch
or watch the flick -
Advertising and the End of the World
(I don't know if it's available at Seton Hill anywhere, but it's available in media services at Westmoreland County Community College.)

Will they open their eyes before it is too late?

When I lived in Youngstown, Ohio just five years ago, gas was 77 cents a gallon. Back at home, when I visited on the weekends, gas was 99 cents a galloon. Now, $1.89 a gallon is the best price I've seen in months.

When I first started smoking, cigarettes were $1.47 a pack. This was in 1996. Nine years later, you are lucky to get a pack of smokes for less than $4. (I quit November 2nd, yay! Only cheated twice!)

When I first started living on my own, 3 lb bags of boneless chicken breasts were $3.99 on sale. Now you would be lucky to find them for less than $6.99.

I'm not saying these all tie together but maybe they do.

I'm sure the common reaction to this post, if it's not entirely disregarded, will be "oh. that sucks." and then for said reader to carry on his or her merry way, oblivious. Or... said reader will say, "That's bullshit propaganda! The world is fine!" and then to carry on his/her merry way secure in the knowledge of being right.

Well, you know what? If you think I am wrong and this information is wrong... PROVE ME WRONG! I'd LOVE to know that this is bullshit and the world can carry on exactly as it is for another million years.. but... I don't think you're going to be able to tell me that with reasonable sources to back it. But, go on, I challenge you! ;)

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