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The Urban Archipelago

November 17, 2004

Last night I was feeling a tad depressed about the state of the world and so my thoughts may have been leaning a little towards the pessimistic side of things. So I asked a friend:

wishgrrl*: totally random, but where do you think the safest place to be during the apocalypse would be? (*AIM, but you have to be on my buddylist to be able to send me a message. leave me a comment with your screenname and I'll think about it.)

Well, I think I may have found the answer this morning in my inbox as a blurb in an email from Rob Brezney. Sweet! Thanks, Universe!

The Urban Archipelago (subtitled: It's the Cities, Stupid)

"It's time to state something that we've felt for a long time but have been too polite to say out loud: Liberals, progressives, and Democrats do not live in a country that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico. We live on a chain of islands. We are citizens of the Urban Archipelago, the United Cities of America. We live on islands of sanity, liberalism, and compassion--New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and on and on. And we live on islands in red states too--a fact obscured by that state-by-state map."


"In cities all over America, distressed liberals are talking about fleeing to Canada or, better yet, seceding from the Union. We can't literally secede and, let's admit it, we don't really want to live in Canada. It's too cold up there and in our heart-of-hearts we hate hockey. We can secede emotionally, however, by turning our backs on the heartland."


"And when you look for ways to revive your failing towns and dying rural counties, don't even think about tourism. Who wants to go to small-town America now? You people scare us. We'll island-hop from now on, thank you, spending our time and our money in blue cities."

I'm not sure that I agree with everything written in this article, but it definitely gives me something to think about during these days on impending economic collapse. And it gives me hope something that I have been seriously lacking lately.

The Urban Archipelago

Now the only question remaining is thus: Which fair city do I call my new home???

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