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Labyrinth Reflection

November 19, 2004

“Cybertext is in many ways the literature of potentiality.”

A weblog is something different. It is more personal than a newspaper and more interactive than a novel. It is more than a diary and much more than simply a collection of links. The truth is that a weblog is something more because there is actually something, or more precisely someone behind it.

A weblog has personality and life due to the fact that behind every weblog is a living breathing person who does not have to follow strict conventions that have been in place for hundreds of years and instead has the freedom to recreate their genre. A weblog is freedom.

People often present the question of whether online voices are truthful presentations of reality but the truth is: it just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who is putting the information out there, just that someone is, and the question becomes whether or not you want to believe in it.

Believing a weblog could be considered akin to believing in Santa Claus: whether there’s any truth to the story or not doesn’t matter, what matters is each reader’s willingness to suspend disbelief and, at least for the few minutes of browsing the weblog, to believe in the magic of story telling.

Reading a weblog is like solving a puzzle because rather than being presented with the information about the author in one lump bit:

“My name is Cornholio. I am 32 years old. I like to eat cats, and this is a story about my mother.”

The information that you receive about the author comes in bits and pieces at random intervals and your job as a reader to piece that information together into your best guesstimate of a reasonable whole. The weblog is revealing in the bits of information that get revealed.

The potentiality of weblogs is limited only by the technology available to change and update a site. A book is restricted and limited from the second it leaves the printing press. Weblogs, then, have the freedom of time and space giving them all the possibilities in the world to change and transform before our very eyes.

The Labyrinth Unbound: Weblogs as Literature

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