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Lamenting Lack of Blogs

December 10, 2004

Hmm... It seems the blogging traffic has slowed now that we students in Dr. Jerz's Writing For the Internet class have turned in our blogging portfolios.

Now that blogging is no longer required it seems as though many of my peers have completely abandoned their blogs in order to run off into the wilderness of Greensburg for wild Dionysian-style parties and madcap drinking fests.

*Consults Calendar*

Oh wait. That's -next- weekend. My bad. But still!

Where have all the bloggers gone??

This lack of activity makes me sad. Oh, sure it's finals week and everyone's scurrying like mad to get all their projects and papers and presentations out of the way. (Believe me, I have some scurrying of my own to do - history final here I come).

And I know that I should have faith that my dear fellow bloggers will come back. And maybe we'll see some exciting posts about the holidays traditions in various bloggers households or stories about why Christmas suu-uuucks or whatever.

But what if I am the lonely blogger? Wouldn't that be sad?

Come on, people.... blog with me!

Moira at 01:19 PM :: Comments (3) :: ::

Yes, Moira, after the frantic portfolio blogging, the traffic around here drops off considerably. I have no intention to give up blogging any time soon... I'll keep blogging with you.

By the way, I already blogged your phone booth project, and Dr. Arnzen posted a comment full of praise.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at December 10, 2004 10:57 PM

They'll be back when they are pressured to blog. (Like when our whole WFTI class is taking ITLS next semester!) q: Don't worry, Moira, I'm still blogging and wish you luck on your goal of 100 blogs.

Posted by: Evan at December 11, 2004 01:19 PM

Dr. J - Thanks for the praise / link on your site! Rockin'

I'm glad at least a few of us are "hardcore" in our blogging efforts!

Thanks, Evan. I'm about to post entry number 86.

I don't have a t.v. Gotta do something with my spare time, right?

Posted by: moira at December 11, 2004 04:44 PM
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