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Cable T.V. is the Devil

December 15, 2004

I have a confession to make:

See, I HATE television, right? I mean, I don't hate t.v.'s themselves basically just cable television... but for the three years that I have lived in my cute little apartment I have steadfastly refused to have a television in my living room. People always ask me how it is that I manage to get so much stuff done: miscellaneous art projects, webpages, greeting cards, journals, glittery collages, scores of novels read, etc.). The answer is that I don't watch television.

I mean, I hate the fact that, um, 95% of living rooms are centered around a television screen.

So when you are visiting with friends, everyone sits staring at the television expectantly like something amazing will suddenly appear upon the screen even if it's just a commercial for Rogaine or something. Even if the television is turned off, everyone in the room will sneak peeks at the T.V., you know, just in case.

In fact, I didn't even own a television because I absolutely refused to buy one, even though I knew it would be fun to be able to watch movies at home. I have a small 13inch television now that my friend gave to me over the summer, probably because he felt I was being deprived or something by not owning one.

For months the damn thing has sat in the corner of my bedroom, unused and slowly gaining a thick layer of dust. As I was cleaning this weekend, I thought, "I should just toss this damn thing!" Instead, since I felt bad about getting rid of a perfectly good television, I decided (gasp!) to put the television in my living room, in the corner of the room, mind you, where I figured if it didn't get used within a month or so, I would donate it to Goodwill.

Oh no. This was a very bad idea.

Why, just yesterday I watched four episodes of Absolutely Fabulous while lounging on my couch eating cheese curls. I vowed that I would not succumb to the life of a sedentary television viewer, but, um, I really love Absolutely Fabulous, and, uh, cheese curls are good too. At least my couch is small so I'm not tempted to take naps there. Then I might never leave my house.

I'm hoping the novelty of having a television in my living room will soon wear off and I'll be back to watching DVDs on my computer in my bedroom. But only time will tell.

(P.S. Only 10 more entries to go before I reach 100!!! Wish me luck! ;c)

Moira at 03:37 PM :: Comments (4) :: ::

Oh, no! This is the work of Satan! You poor thing, being posessed like that! Is there an exhorsist around? Shouldn't be too hard to find one here in Seton Hill, right?

Posted by: Evan at December 15, 2004 04:12 PM

One has to wonder just how many exorcisms have taken place on campus.. I mean.. surely at least one or two, right? Oooh.. here's a fun idea: Ouija board in Maura Hall! Anyone feeling spunky? (My friend told me a story once about seeing a ghostly nun in Maura Hall... he was very freaked out so I believed him.)

Posted by: moira at December 15, 2004 05:43 PM

Oooo, I'll come, I'll come!

Posted by: Vanessa at December 15, 2004 09:53 PM

Even better... a Ouiji board and tarot cards!

Posted by: Evan at December 16, 2004 01:38 PM
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