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On Mothers

February 01, 2005

My mom is currently sitting in an airport in Newark, New Jersey waiting for her 8 p.m. flight to England to take off. She might be shopping or reading or dancing on a table, though I really doubt she'd be dancing on a table. She is, however, my mother so it's entirely possible that the dancing bug has over taken her body and she is shakin it for cheerful passerbys in the middle of the airport. But... I doubt it. It's kind of a silly image though...

She left Pittsburgh at 1:21 p.m. It was kind of fun because I made sure she gave me her flight number so I could check online to make sure she was in the air, etc. She'll be in England for 5 freaking weeks, man, that's crazy. I'm so glad for her because my sister is currently living in England so the two of them can get all jiggy with it in the U.K. and shit.

Sometimes I really wonder about my mom: I mean - what kind of people pick up and move their budding family to a brand new country? There must be a spark of independent spirit there that I, as her daughter, can't seem to see.

... to be continued later, if i feel like it ....

NOTE: I don't know if any of y'all are planning on coming to Crafty Day, but if you were, take note: Crafty Day IV has been rescheduled to February 12th @ 7 p.m.

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