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Tips for This Newbie?

February 03, 2005

So I've noticed that I've been spending more time on campus this semester than last semester (my first one at SHU). This is mostly because the number of credit classes that I have on campus are double from last semester. I am thinking, however, that I'm missing out on a lot on campus.

For example, I'm a commuter. So I know how to park, over the last semester I discovered the different parking areas, including the dreaded "D" lot, as well as figured out a few tricks for good parking spaces on my own.

I know how to get to each of my classrooms, mostly through trial and error. Slowly but surely I'm finding computer labs scattered around the place. I've been to the cafeteria twice (today was attempt #2 since I was dying for a cup o' joe). I didn't learn about Griffin's Cove until the last weeks of last semester when a friend mentioned it. I mean, I'd seen signs about it but didn't know what the heck it was.

So I put the question to you, fellow bloggers, what else am I missing?

Where are the *cool* spots to hang out on campus? The best place to study? To eat inexpensively? To get a cup of coffee? (My best place thus far is the weird little machine in the library lower level.) And, oooh!, where are all the ghostly folk?

I mean, there might be some kickass stuff that I'm missing out on here! Help a sista out! ;c) Your suggestions are MUCH appreciated!

Moira at 05:19 PM :: Comments (4) :: ::

As a fellow commuter, I felt the same way, but once you get sucked into a resident crowd, you won't feel a bit out-of-the-loop.

They can show you things around this campus that I am not sure is even known to the archives people (and they know pretty much everything).

The best place to get the hook-up with residents is in the dining hall. Commuter meal plans vary, but I am down with the three lunches a week thing.

My favorite places on campus are: the publications office, the dining hall, the chapel, the place where bells are (a place of hauntings and haunted--dead pigeons) and Cecilian--despite the Easter egg paint job.

When you are on campus, making memories with your pals, resident or otherwise, you come to love the school. You have to be at SHU to experience and truly appreciate the beauty around you. That is, unless you are in Farrell, and you see the carpet color--or sit on the couches. ;-)

Posted by: Amanda at February 3, 2005 07:01 PM

Moira, what would you LIKE to do? Make it happen, and see who turns up.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at February 3, 2005 08:58 PM

Speaking the Griffins Grove or whatever..or Cove..where the $%_((%)%( is that!? I'm a commuter too. so far ive been to the computer labs. thats it. oh, and the library. im too scared to go anywhere else.


Posted by: Lou Gagliardi at February 3, 2005 10:16 PM

Lou - Griffin's Cove is in the same building as the bookstore. instead of going in the doors all the way on the right, you go in the first set of doors. you walk in a little bit then veer right. there ya go! ;c)

Dr. J - Couldn't that be the anthem of my life??? Figure out what I want and make it happen! that comment inspired my impossible wants list! ;c)

Amanda - thanks very much for the suggestions! it's weird actually that i ended up going to SHU because before I was a student here, I spent a decent amount of time on campus or driving through. I live at the bottom of the hill and i find that walking up the hill is great exercise (though it's hell on the knees & shins).

I remember sitting in Lynch one summer afternoon writing poetry at the table up front and another summer day sitting underneath a tree by the tennis courts. The hill back past campus (by the far away parking lot) is a great place to sit to watch a) rainbows b) summer storms c) the twinkling lights of greensburg.

As for stuff -inside- the buildings, well, that i'm lacking!

you wrote: "the chapel, the place where bells are (a place of hauntings and haunted--dead pigeons) and Cecilian--despite the Easter egg paint job."

i will have to make sure to attend a service or something at the chapel this semester. i've seen it but never been inside. i don't know where the place with the bells is but I'll be sure to ask an on-campus friend. And Cecilian? I don't know which building that is...

Posted by: moira at February 6, 2005 12:21 PM
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