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February 15, 2005

Oh man. I have a problem. Blogging used to be fun and exciting but just lately... blogs have become work. Oh crap.

I know that I -should- be blogging on The Great Gatsby or the four sonnets I just read for Intro to Lit or even the sonnet I read yesterday in an attempt to analyze it and then copy the style. But, man, I think I need a vacation!

Maybe taking 18 credits was another infamous Very. Bad. Idea. ? Maybe blowing off school work this weekend in order to throw a spectacular party wasn't the best use of time? But, I'm telling you.. all I ever do is work work work and it's getting to me!

I tell myself that it's fine because come May 15th, I will be home free, done with the semester, done or close to done working at my job, the sweet summer of European love stretching out long and exciting before me... but until then?? iiiieeee!!! Bring on the spring break!

Moira at 12:55 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

To your credit, it was a spectacular party. :)

Posted by: Nessa at February 15, 2005 05:46 PM

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I know I did!! :c)

Posted by: moira at February 15, 2005 09:25 PM
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