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Stop Braggin' Death

February 15, 2005

Hey, Death, you aren't so hot, you know? I mean, just because you eventually kill off all of your adversaries doesn't mean squat. Cuz, yeah, you take people with you and eventually even the best of us has our number called, but hah! we can kill ourselves too, you know, what with poisons, and wars, and diseases.

You aren't so hot because you, too, are subject to the whims of kings and desperate men. You are still subject to King Fate and his sweet queen Chance. So what are you so proud about, Death? Cuz after we die, your power ceases because we wake into eternity where death doesn't exist and then, har har har, Death, you are dead. So take that! Schizzzam!

The poem "Death, be not proud" by John Donne initially seems like a dark dreary poem, in actuality it has a nice message for those of use still subject to the whims of death: yes, as mortal creatures we will one day die, but... and here's the good part: after we die, we don't have to worry about dying anymore! Sweet!

Seriously though, Donne makes a good point: we spend our days fretting about death, or trying desperately not to fret about it, but what are we so worked up about? There -is- life after death.

I mean, obviously, you can argue until you are blue in the face about the existence of an afterlife, but the way I figure it is thus: if so many people have been insisting on its existence for centuries and so many people have had experiences that can only be explanation through supernatural means, why not just believe it? There must be something to all the hullaboo, right?

And, as Donne says much more poetically:
once yous dead, yous as dead as yous gunna get.


Moira at 02:03 PM :: Comments (1) :: ::

You said "yous"... Hahaha! I love it...

Anyway, when I read this poem for EL150 last year, I remember that we did a lot of analysis concerning the personification of "Death." Have you guys gotten to do any of that??

Posted by: Karissa at March 2, 2005 10:09 PM
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