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Love Sonnet

February 15, 2005

"Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds" by Shakespeare

Well, it's true, you know, that the bard is always with us, and what always strikes me about Shakespeare's writing is the fact that even today in the year 2005, his poems can still hit close to home:

Mushy as it might seem, I definitely agree with Shakespeare's interpretation of love in this sonnet - love is unbendable, unchangable, and unshakable. I believe that when you love someone, when you really love someone, you never stop loving that person, regardless of what situations in your life conspire to pull you apart, be it death, break-ups, or changing life circumstances.

The lines:
"Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom."

Definitely strike a chord with me... who hasn't continued to love someone who is all wrong for them? Or, someone who doesn't feel the same way? Wives stay with husbands who beat them, husbands with wives who belittle them, and for what? Oh, foul love, ye evil tendency!

Okay... I must be still dazed from all the chocolate yesterday or something!

One more comment is that I noticed both Shakespeare sonnets this week had the same: ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme scheme. Fabulous. Also, Willie stretches the rhyming a little bit, but I suppose, since he's Shakespeare, it's forgivable... but I bet if I tried that for my Intro to Lit assignment... ;c)

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