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Tawdry Toddler for Two

February 19, 2005

Yum! After a lovely stress-relieving afternoon of babysitting a toddler and spending time with my most-precious loved ones yesterday,

[and, yes, I did just write that babysitting my favorite three-year-old was stress-relieving! Man, I definitely needed an afternoon of hanging out with my best friend's son!

i presented him with a glowing spinning Nemo toy that delighted him for both the theme-character and the dangerous buzzing light show. next, when I felt his interest may be dwindling in that toy, I told him to close his eyes as I placed a lightning bolt sticker ala Harry Potter on his forehead. Then I held him up to the mirror and showed him his "Harry Potter scar."

Yes. Although I am culturally-inobservant of *grown-up* culture - ask me about a kid's show and, woah baby, I'll know what you are talking about!

Later, after *editing* my friend's English paper, I came out into the living room to see (to my delight!) legos, legos everywhere and two boys (one little, one bigger. grin) on the carpet building robots. joy. so, yes, whilst some babysitting sessions have left me shivering and shaking in the corner... this one was relaxing]

anyway, back to my point: after spending the afternoon in Pittsburgh, my friend and I went to my favorite Greek restaurant: Bubba Darius in Irwin. We ordered the hummus, a monstrous plate of flat bread with a bowl of the best hummus ever in the center.

After we ordered, the waitress came back to our table and said, "They want me to ask if we can take your picture for our website." Well, I'll be honest: I was flattered. I figured the fine folks at Bubba Darius recognized our natural shining beauty! Sweet!

Later, when we got our food, which I realized would be the best plate of hummus ever since it had to look beautiful for the shot, I chastened to realize that the photograph was not so much concerned with our smiles of joy but the hummus on our table. Oh well.

We sat stiffly as the cook snapped the pictures of our food, giving each other looks and making snide comments out of the corner of our lips. I resisted the urge to reach out and grab a hunk of bread and dig in. Soon, though, the photographer grew tired of our posturing and left. The attention from the other diners dwindled as they realised the food on their table held much more interest than we two beautiful strangers. We were able to tuck in to our dinner - *kisses fingers* perfectismo!

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