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Love Actually?

February 22, 2005

Have you guys seen the movie Love Actually? It's my new favorite movie of the week. I've watched it two and a half times in the last three days! I bought it because I thought my friend April had told me that she'd seen it and liked it and because Hugh Grant, the ultimate British hottie, is one of the major players. And he dances.

Well, it turns out April hadn't actually seen the movie but luckily it was fab. I was thrilled that Colin Firth was in the movie, since he's the cutie from Bridget Jones' Diary. I will admit, however, that I watched for Bridget the whole movie, like she'd suddenly stick her head around the corner or something. I'm sad to say that she didn't put in an appearance.

Here's what I liked best about the movie:

1) Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), Hugh Grant's love interest in the flick, is totally cute!

2) The Prime Minister (um, Hugh again) going door to door looking for Natalie.

3) Lobsters and Octopi in a Christmas pageant? Kids with British accents singin' Christmas tunes? Sweet!

4) The whole "Temptation in the Garden of Eden" theme - damn you, lit. classes! (j/k) Actually, though, it was pretty interesting: the character being tempted played an angel in Dogma so I kept thinking of him in that role. Later, when the temptress shows up at a Christmas party dressed as a devil (wait a minute... no one else was in costume! weird!)... well it was wild!

5) The fact that the movie portrays love in all possible different aspects: the love of a parent for a child and vica versa, romantic love, fading love, sexual love, innocent love, love at first sight, etc.

6) The best part had to be the whole "love is a language" angle when the failed writer (Colin Firth) falls in love with the Porteguese house cleaner (Lucia Moniz). Neither of them speaks the others language and yet love manages to bring them together. It was -so- romantickal.

You know, I really should have watched this movie on V-Day! Well, at least I got to watch it with someone I love, right? ;c) If you haven't seen Love Actually, I highly recommend it. And for you lovers of Bridget Jones out there, this movie is made by the same folks! Super!

Moira at 12:46 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

I liked that movie too. I love Colin Firth, he's my favorite British actor, in my eyes he's a cutie. Also, I have to agree with you about Hugh Grant, I'm not much of a fan, but he was really cute. And I agree, I loved when he went door to door looking for her, I loved when the curtain came up at the end and everyone saw Hugh and the girl kissing, it was sweet.

Posted by: Sue at February 22, 2005 08:38 PM

I'm a huge fan of any hot young stallion with a British accent... meeeow! ;c) It seems like we have similiar tastes in movies! Sweet! ;c)

Posted by: moira at February 22, 2005 09:19 PM
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