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Your Miranda Rights

March 01, 2005

No wonder the works of Shakespeare are still around - Shakespeare managed to touch on personal issues that 400 years still have relevance. Our society today is COMPLETELY different but we still love, feel, hate, and more just like back in Shakespeare's day. I found Dabydeen's speech "On Samaroo's Tempus Est" interesting mostly for the different interpretations of The Tempest illustrated within - tho I also enjoyed learning of the discrepancies regarding the play's background.

I guess it just goes to show that anything can relate to anything depending on who's looking - if Caliban can be seen as Miranda's lesbian lover and Prospero the symbol of "the tyrannical European whose technology ... unleashed such havoc in natively communities," then Shakespeare really has managed to create plays that span the gaps of time.

This is, again, illustrated in this passage:

"The twenties' anxiety about the machine has even greater force today, especially after Hiroshima and Auschwitz. The New-Age movement is one expression of that anxiety, though it is possibly fatuous to speak of a movement, given the variousness of New-Age beliefs and practices, from UFO-spotting to aromatherapy."

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