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Tempest Context

March 04, 2005

An article by Barbara Fuchs called "Conquering Islands: Contextualizing The Tempest" starts, "It is an axiom of contemporary criticism that The Tempest is a play about the European colonial experience in America. While this perspective has generated enormously enriched readings of the play, it runs the risk of obscuring the complicated nuances of colonial discourses in the early seventeenth century."

Ms. Fuchs continues on to suggest that a "multi historical interpretation" can help one to understand Shakespeare's play better. This viewpoint of this article, then, falls somewhere in between the hard-core new historicists who wanted Caliban to be Miranda's lesbionic lover and Paul Cantor's article comparing new historicists to marxists.

I like this article's take on matters - understanding never comes from just one source. If you based all of your opinions on, say, what you read in just one newspaper or something, never reading anything else - you wouldn't have a very good perspective on anything. You have to consider who owns the sources and who controls the information.

It's tough to remember to go out there and check a few sources, especially if you aren't writing a research paper and are just learning for the sake of learning. It's very important, however, to get a perspective. Don't take my word for it - get out there and see what other people are saying.

You can form your own opinion better if you are educated about your subject. When you say "This is what I think just because" you aren't proving anything but your own ignorance.

But enough ranting for today! Happy spring break!

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