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March 04, 2005

I have very exciting non-academic news to report - if you sat near me in class yesterday you may have noticing me twitching. This wasn't because I have contracted some weird neurological disfunction from all the sushi I've been eating lately. And, no, I wasn't drunk.

I was, in fact, giddy with joy and antici.... pation.

See... yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m. I did something that will prove to be one of those pivotal moments in the Life of Moira - I shelled out $650 for a plane ticket from Pittsburgh to ... omg I can scarcely contain my excitement - London, England! Yay!

I leave May 23rd, a full two weeks earlier than I had originally anticipated, and come back to "the States" on August 3rd. *leaps up and does a dance of joy*

I still don't have my passport but hey! It's going to be CRAZY man! I'll come back from Europe to have no apartment, no car, and, in all likelihood, no money! This is going to rock!

I am curious though - who out there has been to Europe? Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me? Has anyone stayed in a Youth Hostel? Any horror stories or warnings I should be aware of? Help me out here! I need YOU to give me advice! :c)

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Antici (SAY IT!) pation! RHPS fan?

Anyway, you should get in touch with Katie Sias. She worked at the WC and graduated in December. It seems like she's in Europe every other month, and she has some hehehilarious stories about hostels. Maybe we (you, Kim, myself) can meet up with her at Red Star and do a hang out thang. And gosh, we might actually have time to do that over spring break!

Let me know if you wanna, and I'll get in touch with Katie.

Posted by: Kate Cielinski at March 5, 2005 10:57 AM
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