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Cervasa Verde, Por Favor

March 07, 2005

Part of my Spanish class assignment this week involved writing a few sentences (in Spanish! gasp!) about my favorite holiday - here's what I wrote:

Primero te gusta cervasa verde. Luego compra una camisa verde quiza una con palabras rudas. Despues va a pub irlandesa - vea a el "shamrock" en la puerta. Ahora bebe la cervasa verde and diverte!

(Hey! How do I do Spanish punctuation on my blog?)

[translation - First, you must like green beer. Next you buy a green shirt, maybe one with rude words. Now you go to an Irish pub - look for the shamrock on the door. Drink green beer and have fun.]

It ain't much but it's something - It's frustrating for me to try to write in a foreign language because I don't have the flexibility I have in English. I can never quite say in Spanish what I can say in English. It's fun trying to get my sense of humor across in a foreign language, but it's certainly a challenge and it's hard to know if my humor translates.

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All said and done...Beer...yea!

Posted by: Neha at March 11, 2005 05:02 PM

For Spanish accents and grammar punctuation, I recommend writing the entry in Word (so you can go up to "Import" and then "Symbols") and then copying and pasting the section into your blog entry. I did that on my blog and it worked.

Posted by: Emily Kasky at March 15, 2005 11:43 PM
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