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Blanching Over Blanche

March 14, 2005

Who is Blanche DuBois?

"She must have been fond of you. Sick people have such deep, sincere attachments."

She's a liar, that's for sure! Did you pick up on all the lies she tells?

She tells Mitch that she rarely drinks, whereas we "the audience" have already seen her take more than that. She says Stella is a year older than her, but the beginning of the play states, "She is about five years older than Stella." Now, obviously someone watching the play wouldn't have read the stage directions, but I imagine when casting the characters that it would have been made pretty clear that Blanche was the older of the two.

She also says, "Y'know how indifferent I am to money. I think of money in terms of what it does for you."

A - only someone who has tonnes of the stuff could possibly be truly indifferent to money. well, except maybe for a young person who hasn't yet learned the value of cash.

B- by saying that she thinks only of money in terms of "what it does" - she has just shown that she isn't actually indifferent to money.

My question is - Why do you think Blanche lies so much? Which is worse - lying to everyone around you or lying to yourself?

Moira at 03:20 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Personally, I think that Blanche lies so much because it is in her personality. I have a little experience in dealing with someone with borderline personality disorder, and those type tend to lie their faces off in order to appear better in ANY light--even if it's totally not plausible or vaguely realistic. *sigh* Blanche wants to be someone that she's not and no matter how sad that is, it's true. Pushing her lies around like broken glass, someone's bound to step wrong and figure her out.

Posted by: Karissa at March 20, 2005 10:42 PM

Blanche lies so much because she is insecure. She wants to be young again and refuses to admit that her age and her beauty are deterriorating. She lies to protect her character; her image. Blanche will go to any extreme necessary to portray herself as what she "wishes" she was: a proper, beatuiful, desired, young woman.

Posted by: Eden at March 29, 2005 12:37 AM
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