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The Color of ... Rivalry?

March 30, 2005

When I was reading James McBride's "The Color of Water" this week, I just kept thinking, "Lord, thas a lotta kids!" Can you imagine having 11 brothers and sisters??? Can you imagine the sibling rivalry that must have resulted? No wonder the kings and queens system was an effective way to manage everyone!

Maybe after a certain number of kids, the competition for mom's energy kind of fades away into survival of the fittest. No wonder the kids turned out to be such high achieving adults! Surviving childhood would have ingrained them with an intense desire to succeed (not to mention trying to keep up with the scores of kids that came before 'em!).

I'm glad this book was written - it transcends all borders and transforms into a story of love. Race is such a non-issue that it drives me mad! I simply don't understand what the color of a person's skin has to do with anything.

Why is this tradition of racism still with us? I believe that it's because it is passed down from generation to generation. Parents share their beliefs with their children. As these children grow, they share their beliefs with their kids. And so on and so on.

I feel blessed to have parents who have always been suprisingly open-minded about anything I could imagine: Me: Mom, I'm moving to Ohio to live with a couple of gay men. Mom: Just be careful. Although I did grow up here in what I like to call "white bread, pennsylvania" I turned out the way I did because of my parents.

Although I myself have vowed not to breed, I am certain that my children would be even more open-minded than me. I like the idea of spreading open-minds... much better than spreading minds that are steel-traps refusing to take in anything new. Super.

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Kids certainly bring out Mommy's tribal side. It would be nice to think that race really doesn't matter that much anymore, but isn't that kind of a cop out? That sounds harsher than I intended it to sound... I'm just curious about your reaction.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 30, 2005 10:58 AM

Honestly, I'm not really sure how you got that out of what I wrote... I do understand that we needed to have a conversation in class though.

I guess all that I was saying is that I just don't understand why back in the day, when the first white person encountered a person of darker skin they said "ah! bad!" and somehow, hundreds, maybe thousands of years later, that initial reaction is still with us.

This nation was based on hatred and fear - I'm pretty darn sure that's never going to change. It all started with the initial visitors to this continent, who brought guns *stolen* from the Chinese who shot all the Indians as well as provided the Indians with their own means of destruction. And here we are, in 2005, still spreading evil throughout the world. Awesome.

I have a theory that white people are pretty much a virus. The hole in the ozone will pretty much wipe us out. Which is probably just as well. I just read a poem in Spanish class that relates.. next time I have my Spanish book handy, I'll have to post it (and a translation).

Believe me, if there were an easy solution to the problem of race, I'm sure some brilliant soul would have already fixed all of the world's problems. I could muse on the problem all I want, but I'll never solve it.

Posted by: moira at March 31, 2005 01:54 PM
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