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Are We Here Yet?

March 30, 2005

Ah... "Here We Are" (by Dorothy Parker) Look how far we've come! Hey, women just got the right to vote, right? So it's no big deal if people are still marrying virtual strangers, vowing to spend their lives with someone they hardly know. No wonder things got so awkward on the train - Men and Women, if you haven't noticed, speak completely different languages. Oh, we use the words of the English language, but we use them in completely different ways with different connotations.

Why do you suppose the young woman picks so many arguments with the young man? Is she just nervous or is she starting to question her decision to marry him?

My favorite line is "There was a silence with things going on in it." Isn't that always the case? You stop talking and start thinking. Your partner stops talking and starts thinking. Your minds are churning but you have no idea what the other one is thinking.

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