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Moira Does Europe - AIR

April 01, 2005

Need cheap airfare within Europe? Try Ryanair! Holy cow, they aren't paying me or nothin' but damn! My "traveling partner" and I got a one-way flight from London to Barcelona, a round-trip flight from Barcelona to Paris, a one-way flight from Barcelona to Frankfurt, and a one-way flight from Frankfurt to London all for the insanely cheap sum of $165 each. That's not $165 for each flight as my dad thought when I told him about it - it's $165 TOTAL for me and $165 total for Rick for all five flights, including taxes and miscellaneous jerkface fees, at an average cost of $33 a flight. Crazy.

Now. If I die in a fiery airplane accident, all positive statements about Ryanair are hereby revoked. Otherwise, Ryanair rocks my world. Sure, the way that Ryanair makes its money is by advertising flights for 99 pence then slapping on a 15 pound taxes / surcharges fee (not to mention the fee for overweight checked luggage but I'm not checking anything), but hey, it's all listed right there, no surprises as yet, and that's a still craaazzzy cheap flight. So, check it.

Oh, yeah: the legal disclaimer -

moira is just a person. a weird one that that. moira is not an expert of anything except perhaps being goofy. if anything moira says is stupid or wrong or both, moira refuses to be held accountable for loss of limbs or respect that result. thank you.

Ryanair has a whole crapload of customer service complaints online - from the food to the baggage handling to the lack of friendliness from the staff - to the extent that I'm basically expecting somebody to dropkick me onto the airplane, tell me to shut up and hold on, then a few minutes/hours later, tell me to "get out."

However, when I read Ryanair's response to all the flack, I though "eh. i can appreciate their philosophy." And when I met a real-life human person who had actually flown Ryanair and SURVIVED... well, I booked the tickets the next day. For $163, I'll take my chances. (Again, if I die 10,000 feet above the ground, all kind and respectful marks are hereby null and void...) Yeah.

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