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Diamond Deliverance

April 11, 2005

Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" is a pretty crazy book. The opening passage of Bud with his skull gun was a pretty darn interesting way to start a book subtitled "A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer." It wasn't until pretty far into the book that the reason for the title became clear.

This sentence stood out to me:

"Bud's relationship with the female sex was governed by a gallimaufry of primal impulses, dim suppositions, deranged theories, overheard scraps of conversation, half-remembered pieces of bad advice, and fragments of no-doubt exaggerated anecodtes that amounted to rank superstition." (p.6)

Gallimaufry is a new one for me, and I noticed it used twice thus far in the novel.

Reading through the blogs makes me realize that not a lot of people like this novel so far. I won't say that it's the best novel I've ever read or anything but it's not that bad... It took me about 50 pages to actually understand the storyline and I'm kinda into it now. (Though I have to say that the novel we're reading for American Lit this week is much better! "Miracle at St. Anna" by James McBride. Watch for more about it here.)

I think the biggest problem with reading science fiction for a literature class is that I'm so busy trying to read the story in order to figure out what the heck is going on that I don't have a chance to "stop and smell the roses" as it were and really get anything out of it. (Not so for Chris who knows what's goin' on, yowza!) If it were a shorter piece, I could probably go back and re-read more of it, but a novel just doesn't offer that opportunity.

Oh, and I just -have- to point out this sentence: On page 74, starting with the words "Therapies administered..." and ending 13 lines later with the word "software." Holy crap, that's a long sentence! (It's a good sentence, don't get me wrong, just crammed full!)

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