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April 11, 2005

Hey! I meant to blog about this earlier: On Friday, I had my very first experience with eating in the dining hall here on campus! Sweet!

As I was standing in line with my giant tray waiting for some random meat shoved in a pita, I realized that I hadn't eaten cafeteria food since (dum dum duh!) the 90's! Crazy!

I will tell you, however, that cafeteria food has not changed much since those yonder years at Youngstown state when Christman was -the- place to be if you were hungry and fearless. Two, three, meals a day were at Christman - usually a "salad" which really meant "cheese, sunflower seeds, tomatos, and a splash of lettuce" or some french fries - then there's always the standing there in the middle of the dining room searching desperately for a friendly face... too much like high school... gag! I haven't been missing much...

Really though, I like the round tables. Much better than your typical long tables with built in round stool type seats. And the food wasn't as horrible as everyone had warned me it would be. When I told Evan, in a sickenly excited way, that it would be my first dining hall experience, he said, and I quote, "well it may be your last."

I did realize, however, that by not *dining* on campus, I am missing a LOT of social interactivity. Maybe next year I'll get a meal plan... Ah, yes, cafeteria food is the shit... or perhaps I meant to phrase that differently... hmm.

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