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And the Miracle Is...

April 11, 2005

Remember that old phrase "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover" ? Yeah, well I violated that this week. I looked at the cover of James McBride's "Miracle at St. Anna" and thought, "Man, I don't wanna read that!" I was feeling frustrated anyway at some confusion in class - why couldn't I have realized I had to read this book two weeks ago over Easter break? Sha! Yeah, and here's me thinking I was actually ahead with my reading.. dang.

Anyway, after much misgivings and private grumbling, I figured I better pick up the darn book and start reading. So I read... and I read... and I read... and finally my eyes were so tired that I had to go to sleep so I grudgingly put the book down again. Even now, I'm sitting here "writing" about the book thinking about how I'd rather just be "reading" it.

See, I thought the book was going to be one of those "war" books - you know the kind - dull as dishwater, brimming with unnecessary violence, boring as sin. I thought I would have to force myself to get through it, maybe even skip class just so I didn't have to talk about the stupid thing... but no! I love it! Who knew?

It's a book about a war, yes, but it's .... real. These guys aren't heroes, not by U.S. Army standards anyway, but they are good people. Yes, there's violence - Huggs (I think) getting his face blown off in front of Sam Train is a good example, but it's not gratuitous or unnecessary - it's real. One of the images that stands out to me most is the soliders with their backs to the fences feeding the starving Italians that they have been forbidden to feed.

Anyway, I'd write more about it... but I wanna read it. Until I'm finished...

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Hey, can I borrow your book when you are finished. This class is frustrating the heck out of me. I actually bought this book at the beginning of the semester. Than when I saw Jerz's curiculum, I saw we were supposed to read the color of water, so I switched the books, and now I am screwed once again. *SIGH* So, if I can borrow it, that would be great :)

Posted by: Sue at April 11, 2005 07:39 PM
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