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Waking Up, Sheriff-Style

April 19, 2005

Public Announcement: If your name is Troy and you hang out on Harrison Avenue, the police may be looking for you.

Yeah. It was SO awesome! There I was, tossing and turning in bed and thinking about how much I didn't want to get out of bed, and there's a knock on the door. BOOM BOOM BOOM. So I said, and not even remotely nicely mind you, "Who is it?" in a tone of voice that, I hoped, would cause my evil early morning visitor to disintegrate into dust so I could go back to sleep.

The man behind the door said "Sheriff!" in an equally not-nice tone of voice.

"What?" I said in a most sarcastic tone, thinking that one of my goofy friends was playing a trick on me (it happens, usually not at 8:30 but still... I was half-asleep, a'ight?)

So I stumble outta bed, get dressed, and pull out the door preparing to make a mean face at whoever was standing there so that he knew I was Not. Amused.

Nope. It was a real-live sheriff type person.

"Are you Moira?"

My instinct was to think "Oh, crap! What have I done that I don't know about?"

Instead, dude starts asking me if I'm home alone, if Troy is here, do I know Troy, etc. giving me the "Stare Straight Into Your Soul" look just to make sure I'm not lying or whatever. Finally, I just stepped back and swept out my arm - telling him that he could look around if he wanted, figuring the faster he left, the faster I could crawl back into bed (HAHA! Yeah right!)

So he comes in with his happy little flashlight, actually looks under my bed (HAHA like a grown man could fit under there!), wanders through the house, distressing my cats and leaving me wondering if I had left anything illegal lying around (you know, liked banned books and shit?) and hoping that some dude named Troy hadn't miraculously appeared in my kitchen whilst I was sleeping.

When I told my co-worker about it, she said "Did you ask for I.D.? Did you just let two guys into your house?"

And, um, yeah, I did. I mean, we're *supposed* to be able to trust the police, right? Dudes have guns anyhow - it's 8:30 a.m., I'm already cranky, antagonizing a dude with a gun is probably not the best way to continue my morning but then I started thinking about it:

Why do we implicitly trust (or dis-trust, dependin' on what you're doing at the time) police officers? I mean, cops are people, too, right? I really should have at least asked to see a badge, maybe even called 911 like my coworker suggested I do. I mean, what if these dudes had just beat up a couple of real cops, stolen their gear, and decided, for some godawful reason, to come pounding on my door at eight freakin' thirty?

My thought process was basically: "I'm not doing anything illegal today. I'm not Troy. Troy isn't here. If I let this guy look for Troy, I am being a cooperative good citizen type person, right?" But what if??? I am, afterall, a young woman living alone. My cats aren't going to offer much help if there ever were a problem. I guess it's a darn scary world out there and maybe I don't have the right mindset.

I dunno. What do you guys think?

Moira at 01:50 PM :: Comments (3) :: ::

As long as you're okay and not this Troy guy, everything's peaches! : ' D

This post nearly gave me a heart attack, though. I thought you had done something with this Troy guy. Scary stuff.

Posted by: Evan at April 19, 2005 02:55 PM

Well, now, that beats my morning... I'm glad you're okay, but this is an interesting thought about genuine trust. As the "good citizen type person"s we tend to trust the police more, I think, than those that are only the "good citizen type person"s half the time and the other half they're the bank robbers and child molesters.

Personally, and I can only say this by putting myself in your shoes since I have not an ounce of experience, I would have asked for ID and probably gotten on the phone with someone I trust--mother, sister, neighbor, best friend--so that if something happened, they'd be alerted to my situation. I think it's worse for women, naturally, because we have more *ahem* things to worry about. Definitely ask for ID next time. They have to show it to you.

Posted by: Karissa at April 19, 2005 03:00 PM

Hah! Evan - if I -had- done something naughty with Troy whoeverhehis, I would -not- have posted about it ;c)

Karissa - honestly, the thought never even crossed my mind! I mean, I'd like to think that if the same situation happened at night, that I would have at least asked for I.D. but in broad daylight, I didn't even think about it. Good tips though and although I hope I get to sleep peacefully from here on out, if it happens again, I'm definitely carding ;c)

Posted by: moira at April 19, 2005 03:27 PM
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