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Odds of Dying

April 20, 2005

I feel morbid today.

I started thinking about it last night: My friend and I were listening to Jim Croce, and she mentioned that he died in a plane crash. She must have seen the look of disdain on my face because then she quickly apologized for the statement. See, people have been mentioning plane crashes around me a lot lately. And it's wiggin' me out since, um, I will be on a plane zooming across the Atlantic Ocean in a little over a month (holy crap!). Needless to say, it's a touchy subject.

I started thinking about though and I wondered, really, what are my odds of dying in a plane crash? Is the fact people keep mentioning plane crashes when I talk about my trip a "sign" that I'm going to explode into oblivion via air craft or is it more likely a sign of the anxiety that has pervaded our culture ever since 9/11? I decided that it's more likely the latter.

According to the National Safety Council, a person's odds of dying in a plane crash in his/her lifetime is 1 in 5,704. That ain't bad, really. The odds of dying by an accidental drowning are 1 in 1,081, the odds of dying from a drug overdose is 1 in 452, and the odds of dying by "intentional self-harm" is 1 in 118. So, really, what's a little plane crash?

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