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Is That A Symbol?

April 26, 2005

When Foster writes, "Is that a symbol? Sure it is." I had to laugh - symbolism has always been a tricky bugger to me.

See, I figured I could say something symbolized whatever the heck I wanted it to symbolize whether it be French cheese makers (that was Dr. J's example) or man's intense hatred for soggy swimgear or the unlimited possibility of shower scum.

The trick, I guess, is to use the text to support your claims - which is exactly what our literature classes have been teaching us to do all along. And being able to back up your statements has real life applications as well - you don't wanna go around spouting random epithets without being able to prove your statements when you're cornered, do ya? I didn't think so.

Also, Forster (who seems to say a lot of stuff I've been thinking) says that a symbol doesn't have just one clear and pat meaning - meaning that I -can- attempt to prove that suchandsuch symbols thisandthat - because unless I kidnap the author and bring him or her to class with me that day (which would be SO funny!), no one can really prove me *wrong* (just suggest that I have a strong or not strong argument).

Sweet! I knew I was an English major for a good reason...

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