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Sweet Summer, Here I Come!

May 01, 2005

Man it feels good to get shit done! Two papers out of the way in one fell swoop.. and it's only 3 p.m. on Sunday! It's a beautiful day! (Es una dia bonita!) I am about to step outside the box, if you will, and out into the sunshine... Sweet!

(I just used, what, a million exclamation points (!!!!!) in one paragraph? How lame is that?!? Hah!)

The countdown to Europe is on - 23 days and countin' hard. 8 more classes, 10 more days of work, 2 finals, and sunny Spanish beaches here I come!

The summer itinerary is as follows:

May 23 - June 6th - Cambridge, U.K.
June 6 - June 14 - Girona, Spain (in a campsite less than a mile from the Mediterranean... sweet joy!)
June 14 - June 21 - Paris, France
June 21 - Frankfort & Berlin, Germany
June 22 - June 25 - Munich, Germany
June 26 - June 28 - Freidburg, Germany (in the heart of the Black Forest)
June 29 - July 7 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 7 - August 3 - Birmingham, U.K.

Don't be jealous... ;c)

Moira at 03:08 PM :: Comments (1) :: ::

Too late friend. Too late. I am insanely, insanely jealous. I thought I was supposed to be the wanderer around here! Sigh..but no matter... I will live vicariously..for the time being at least (at the VERY least!)..come back with stories. Or better yet, write about them :o)

Posted by: Neha at May 2, 2005 11:44 AM
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