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EL150 Portfolio II

May 04, 2005

This semester I learned that:

+++ Famous people get all the breaks ... especially when it comes to punctuation.

+++ Protestors should have properly punctuated signs.

+++ Connections are what it's all about.

+++ Your musings on racism can be misinterpreted, if you aren't careful.

+++ Men face just as many stereotypes as women.

+++ Today's consumer society has a definitive and identifiable beginning point.

+++ Nothing is ever free.

+++ Potheads are people, too.

+++ The Victorians ruined sex! Kinda...

+++ Everything is a symbol.

+++ Diamonds are not always a girl's best friend.

+++ Knowledge is only knowledge if it has real world applications.

+++ People will think I'm a dork if I am proud of my blogginess!

... erm, I'm sure I learned a lot more but my head is spinning today...

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