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Calm in the Chaos

May 16, 2005

Sometimes the only cure for dealing with the madness swirling around inside your life is to take a step back from it. That is not easy to do. This weekend I am attempting to find a safe haven in the midst of a storm. (The countdown, in case you were wondering, is done to exactly one week. eek!)

Strangely, my safe haven exists in home where a three-year old toddler reigns supreme. Adult conversations come to a standstill, games of yahtzee are interrupted when the racuous youth insists that it is his turn to shake the cup o' dice again and again and again, adult movie night is postponed until the child sleepth, trips out of the family domain take double the usual time to accommodate, and even nightly sleep rations are subject to the whims of one tossle-haired redhead. Everything is chaotic, crazy, and unpredictable... and nowhere else do I feel more at peace.

Last night, as I chilled on the couch watching the final eight episodes of Sex and the City with my lady friends, listening to the occasional whines of the three dogs penned up in the kitchen, the soft panting of the one lying next to me on the couch, the occasional comments from the two amazing women on the other couch, and the frequent soft paddings of a toddler who can't sleep, I realized that love really is all around me.

This morning, I'm sitting in my pajamas, typing as quietly as possible so as to not wake the mother and child who are still, miraculously, sleeping upstairs, baking blueberry muffins as a wakeup suprise.

... And the silence was golden because the toddler speaketh, excited by the blueberry muffins (I made mommy muffins and baby muffins), and proclaiming his intense need to poo.

Ah yeah, this distraction from my current chaos

... the insanity of picking up and taking off to Europe on a budget at least $1,000 less than that recommended by even the most frugal guidebook with a guy, let's face it, that I hardly know

... the stress of leaving a job that didn't fulfill me but became a nice habit (coupled with a note from my boss telling me to have fun but remember that I had to come back to reality someday)

... the mixed up state of my (quote,unquote) love life

... the slow recovery of a cat from a surgery

... this chaos is a refreshing change. Off I go to a day of the unexpected...

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