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May 31, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, I have important news to announce: I am now *officially* a world traveller! I am sitting in front of a computer at the Thetford public library in England. Oh yes. Moira has gone global.

Yesterday, my travelling companion Mr. International and I spent the day wandering the streets of York: yes, that's right - the city that inspired that most marvelous place... New York. It was totally rad, I have to tell you and well worth the 6 quid we dropped on the tour bus that took us all over town.

Did you know that York has its own castle as well as a cathedral mentioned in the 13th century Doomsday book? (It was also sacked by William Wallace [braveheart] back in the day, my superfly Anti-Jean just whispered to me.)

Also, yesterday I learned that the origins of the word upper crust came from the servants burning the bread and scraping off the top bits for the rich folks.

And the word "bezerk" is an old roman word for someone who's gone loonytunes from an overdose of magic mushrooms.

See? The things you learn when you travel the world are phenomenol!!!

Tomorrow has Rick and I travelling my train into London where we will spent the day eating ham and mustard piccalilly sandwiches instead of blowing our loot on expensive London grub and we will, I'm sure, thoroughly enjoy our role as tourists on the London tourbuses. Heck yeah.

After two days in London, we plan on cruising down to Canterbury and Dover for a few hours, just to see 'em.

June 6th, next Monday, we will strap on a bright yellow helmet and be hurled screaming into the morning via catapult provided by Ryanair. Well. Let's hope now, shall we?

After a week sunning ourselves on the beach and complaining about our newly bright pink skin and, I dunno, jelly fish stings? I'm certain we will be quite ready for our week in Paris.

But for now, I leave your, dear people who aren't in England, for I have many exciting things to see and to do. And besides, I need to go home and get ready for some pagan-themed ghost hunting as well... you know, the usual British stuff. See ya lataaahhh!



international superstar. (or not.)

Moira at 12:17 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

I would love to visit York! My first academic publication was a computer simulation of a medieval pageant that was performed in the streets of York for hundreds of years. (The Drama class I'm scheduled to teach this fall will look at a few one-act plays from this cycle, which lasted a full day.)

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at May 31, 2005 12:53 PM

Go Moira! Hope you're having a blast. Give my regards to France next week!

Posted by: Evan at May 31, 2005 10:24 PM
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