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June 22, 2005

Guten tag from Germany! I am sitting in an internet cafe in Frankfurt, the best internet prices we have found overseas at 3 euros for an hour. Thanks to everyone for the comments left on my site over the last few weeks... I have not been able to get back to most of you, but believe me I read them and appreciate your comments:

Karissa : i wish i had gotten some French lessons from you as well. you did offer i just never had the time to do it. I have to say though that the late night cram session at the airport did WONDERS and I now have a pretty decent working vocabulary in French. Being forced to learn helps a lot!! p.s. I have a few sugarpackets for you! yay!

Dr. J : I almost brought my laptop with me on vacation... thank god I didn't because I couldn't have dealt with the extra weight on my back, but the PDA thing is a great suggestion and I too would recommend that for future trekkers. Maybe i'll have one for next summer???

Evan :: would you believe that the only restaurants I visited in France were Eastern? We had Indian, Vietnamese, & Japanese. The rest of the time we lived on baguettes, delicious French cheese, and miscellaneous toppings. I didn't have one dessert out in France! Isn't that a damn shame? Also... I forgot to buy myself a France pin - magnet for my collection. Honestly, by the time we left Paris, I was thrilled to leave. Next time, I visit somewhere less expensive!!!

Germany? What can I say? I don't speak a word of German. Nothing. Luckily, most Germans we have encountered say that they only speak a little English then speak wonderfully. The hostel is giant, clean, and has hot hot wonderful showers. This alone is enough to make me love Germany. The quality toliet paper and icy cold airport water helped as well. Add that to the man in the tourist booth who knew EXACTLY where we wanted to go.. and you have a virtual nirvana...

at least until we wandered into 'little paris' tonight... god, France, won't you leave me alone???

I am, however, dying for an icy cold drink that doesn't cost 20 million dollars... and I refuse, REFUSE, i tell you, to add any monez to the McDonald's machine. I will have to cave, I believe, since 1 euro is about the cheapest cold drink around. Right now I have to go and find a place to crash tomorrow night... until next time... gute nacht!

p.s. one final note? Walmart has invaded Germany! Someone call Batman! And hurry!

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Comments: like Indian food and you never told me? I'm going to have to give you some when I get back to campus. As far as as WAL*MART goes...GAH! it's in Germany too??? There's no escape in the world anymore...sigh...

Posted by: Neha at June 23, 2005 12:36 AM


Posted by: Evan at June 25, 2005 02:47 PM
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