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Beligum & the Netherlands

July 08, 2005

I'm chilling in an internet cafe in Amsterdam, listening to the Nederland media doubletalking the news of the bombings in London. At the time of the bombings in London, I was eating waffles in Belgium after a four hour train ride on the NeverNeverNederland Express.

Amsterdam, in case you are wondering, is truly a land of wonder and joy. A'dam's no Munich and it's been raining all week, but every single rumour that you have heard about Amsterdam is true:

Yes, there really are bored looking call girls chilling in the windows in the red light district, and distracted pimps gathered around chatting on the corners.

Yes, you can walk in a "coffee"shop and purchase a package of the highest grade marijuana available and, better yet, you can sit right there and smoke it. Purple haze anyone? Hey... it's legal here.

We even passed in our travels a most magical store called a Smart Shop, which turns out is very smart indeed because it sells mushrooms of the magickal variety.

As you wander around Amsterdam, you half expect to see an elf or fairy leap out from around the corner, a land where My Little Ponies come to life and walking down the street is like an episode of Frogger, complete with sound effects.

The Dutch language is a cross between spitting sailors and doubletalk, a rolling joking language that never fails to make me giggle when I hear it being spoken. I've tried to learn a few phrases rather unsuccessfully. I think all the weeks of cramming new languages into my skull has finally reached a crescent and what's in there is what stays there, at least until I've had break or something...

Travelling is wicked fun, still, and I'll be sad when my time here is done. Until then... Amsterdam night life awaits!

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i want 2 migrin in beligum im live in palestine and i hate living there plz helping me plz

Posted by: ebrahim at October 13, 2005 09:26 PM
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