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British Vocabulary Lessons

July 16, 2005

After about two months of not blogging it's hard to get back into the groove! I mean, I'm sitting in front of the computer, I've just had the two best months of my entire life, and I feel as though I've got nothing to talk about! But of course that's not true... I've loads on my mind; I guess the problem is trying to narrow it down?

What do I write about first?

Ahhh... since I just read the syllabus for the Linguistics class I'll be taking next semester, how about a brief lesson on the differences between American English and British English? See... contrary to popular belief, we Americans don't actually speak English. We speak a watered down version of the original language, a tad dumbed down language we'll call "American." Upon arrival in "the motherland" (and I can say that safely since I was born here), the difference between the two languages is immediately apparent.

It's hard to even explain the difference: perhaps the best way is to imagine the smartest nine year old kid you can talking - now, triple his or her working vocabulary - you've now got your average Brit. Seriously, the kids here use words the average American adult wouldn't be able to define. My nine year old cousin described the family dog to me as a "wanton hussy" and a "tart." Yes, I realize that reflects on her upbringing as well as her vocabulary (don't worry.. it's only Thetford.) but seriously... it's not just my nine year old cousin. It's EVERYBODY.

It's brilliant because I can feel my vocabulary increasing by the moment. Here are some words I have learned so far (plus some I already knew but were new to Mr. International so might be new to you):

Tart - a trampy girl, sometimes known as a teeny bopper or, if you're feeling mean, a slut. also refers to a type of dessert. the ramifications of these two alternate definitions will not be discussed here. hah.

Ta (pronounced "taah") - thank you

Tata ("taah taah") - see you later, goodbye

Tara ("taah raah") - see you later, goodbye

Pissed - drunk as a skunk, baby

Cheers - a general word of goodwill, can be used as hello, goodbye, etc.

Sod Off - piss off, fcuk off even

Wanker - a derogatory term, you guess the meaning, eh?

Pouf - a gay person, not necessarily derogatory

Faggot - a cigarette. also a meatball. weird.

Saff - silly. strange. funny.

Moira at 05:58 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Yes! You put my favorite British expression! Every time I get peeved at someone, I put on a fake British accent, turn to a friend in close proximity, and loudly whisper: "Blind me! He's a right jolly wanker, isn't he?"

Glad to see you're still on the blogs and having a blast. Well, maybe I shouldn't say that after the whole bombing incident. But anyway, stay safe and bring back pictures!

Posted by: Evan at July 17, 2005 07:51 PM

I've got a tonne of pictures that I haven't even thought about working with yet.. I wonder if my uncle has photoshop? Nah... you'll have to wait till I get back to the States for those. And, whew, I'm glad I wasn't in London! It was scary because the attacks took place in places I had been just a few weeks earlier! Anyway, see you in the blogosphere ;c) And I see we have a class together next semester! :c)

Posted by: moira at July 18, 2005 06:27 AM
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