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BINGO, British Style

July 19, 2005

You probably aren't aware of this... I know I wasn't, but just like the language, British bingo is not the same as the American variety! Who knew??? Last night, my aunt, cousins, and some of my aunt's friends went off to play Bingo. The differences were immediately apparent. First off, rather than the firehalls of yore, Bingo in Britain takes place in pubs. Half a lager anyone? Ah yeah... Next, rather than the sea of blue haired old biddies prevalents in the said firehalls at home, bingo is played by a wide variety of people: one or two biddies, men, women, children, and even raucous British ladies and their American counterpart (that was me!).

At home, a Bingo card looks like this:

You'll note the five columns, each headed by a letter. In the center you have your fabulous free space. You have five columns, five rows, forming a lovely square. How you win is by getting a line straight across, vertical, or diagonally, plus special rounds like postage stamp (the four in the corner) and four corners. If you are so lucky as to win a game, you holler "BINGO!" as loud as you can and duck as troll dolls are tossed your way... not that I've ever won Bingo at home.

This, however, is a British bingo card:

First, you see no letters. No, you don't a row of letters along the top informing you of what game you are playing - you've got to figure it out all by yourself. Next, you have 9 columns and 3 rows of numbers. You have two ways to win: you either get a line straight across or a full house. Each game has two parts and when you win, you don't shout "BINGO!" you call "YES, ERIC!" or "HEREY'ARE!" When you win, rather than shoot you dirty looks, the people cheer, as they did for me three times last night!

It was so awesome, man. See, One of the women we went out with went to the front to introduce me to Paul, the man in charge of the game. As the game started, he made an announcement that I had come all the way from America to have a game of Bingo in their pub. Everyone smiled at me and it was nice.

Then, I won the full house on the first game! This got me 50! Paul said over the loudspeaker that here I was, coming from America to win all their pounds. hehe. Then, I won the line twice for 10 each time. Finally at the end of the game, our table won the snowball, the last game of the evening which won 120 for my aunt who shared it between the six of us (that was the agreement! sounds good to me!)

My grand total winnings were 90 which, according to xe currency converter is the equivalent of $157. Sweet! At the end of the night, our table had won 240, making us the lucky table of the night. It was great. BINGO! er, YES ERIC!

Moira at 05:34 AM :: Comments (2) :: ::

omg. stupid me never bookmarked your blog. i'm sooooooo happy to see you updating while you're across the great, big, wet puddle. i miss you darling...and have so many stories for you when you return...if you ever return to me!

Posted by: the slickster at July 20, 2005 05:07 PM

hey babe! did you get your postcard??? maybe I can do a roadtrip to the wonderous land of Ohio before I start school in August? What do you say? How the heck are you, kiddo?

Posted by: moira at July 21, 2005 05:12 AM
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