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Help! I Need Some Money!

July 25, 2005

(First of all, name that band?)

I'm still on vacation so, believe me, the last thing I want to be thinking about is what I'm doing when I get back to the States but... I need a job. See, I had a job... not one of the soul-fulfilling, joy to devote myself to kinda jobs, but a job that paid halfway decently as well as provided free internet access (and cookies! sometimes.) Unfortunately or not (I haven't decided that yet), I was unable to secure a leave of absense approval in order to get time off work for my 10 week adventure of a lifetime... so I quit.

I mean, I left on good terms, of course, and my boss said she'd hire me back when I returned to "reality" (her words, not mine)... only I'm hoping to find something that either a) touches me on a soul level, something helpful and useful and, hopefully, fun in the meantime and/or b) pays the bills in 20 hours a week or less. So... any suggestions???

I have a work study position (possibly two, I'll be talking to financial aid when I get home), but I need a job that starts asap in August. Your suggestions are much welcomed and appreciated, even if you just tell me what might be a good starting point - how does one go about getting a great job anyway?

I could easily be a McDonalds counter girl or something (um... if they'd hire me back...) but I want a job that means something, only I have an associate's degree and little to no *official* experience in anything beyond food service, fruit, and glorified secretary-ism... I've been a fruit wench, Mexican food proprietess, office go-go-girl, supervisor of shitty shifts, girlie grill cook extraordinaire, ebay scam artist, fast food empress, t-shirt emblazoner, and even, wben the mood strikes me, weaver of hemp creations. now the question is: how do I turn my many wondrous skills into a cash crop???

Really, I'm just musing here... on my list of priorities when I get home is a major job hunt - including my recently revamped resume. Your suggestions are nevertheless welcome. Help?

Moira at 04:45 PM :: Comments (1) :: ::

AMEN, SISTER!!! I think everyone could identify with your position. My suggestion: marry a wealthy (and gullible) person, make prenuptuals that significantly benefit you, then get a divorce! : ' )

But, in all seriousness, I heard the government is thinking about lowering the max number of hours each student is elligable to work as a work-study. Your best bet is to get a part-time job somewhere close.

Posted by: Evan at July 26, 2005 11:09 PM
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