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Back in the Saddle Again... sigh.

August 06, 2005

Being back in the states is seriously messing with my head. Three days on and I'm still suffering from jet lag - I figure the best way to deal with jet lag is to get lots of sunshine and to take short naps to recharge. I've been trying to get back onto a regular sleep schedule as soon as possible, but it's difficult considering that the apartment I sublet all summer is thoroughly uninhabitable at the moment:

a) it's disgustingly hot since my a.c. is in my best friend's bedroom until her boyfriend brings it over on Tuesday.

b) the house stinks. is it the stench of man or dirty dishes or unchanged garbage cans or kitty litter or a wicked combination of all of the above? i'm not sure. i changed the garbage and kitty litter, washed the dishes, and lit some incense. it hasn't helped. i may have to move.

c) the bathtub looks to be the victim of a gruesome mud bath - scrubbed the heck out of it and it's still not usable.

d) the refridgerator, oh the poor fridge - full of rotting food, chunky soy milk, and abandoned condiments. Two hours got that back to it's sparkling self but now it's empty and so are my pockets.

So now instead of chilling like the villian I am in my own rockin' pad, I'm crashing out in the cool oasis that which is my friend's living room, eating hot pockets and oven fries and reading John Irving's Until I Find You. So it's not all bad.

Only, resubmerging myself into American culture is something I am not looking forward to doing. My mom offered me the use of my father's car for a few months to get me back on my feet but I refused the generous offer, suggesting she buy me fresh fruit and vegetables instead. She also suggested getting a job at a nearby family restaurant to which I suppressed my urge to vomit and told her I'd figure it out myself.

The way I figure it, I'm living a life of enforced poverty. Why not? I've got my rent money for the month. If the phone gets shut off in the meantime (the meantime being between now and when I get money), I will celebrate because it means I won't have to hear countless telemarketers butchering the pronunciation of my name. And the electricity? Well... I have candles and a best friend living down the street. In short, I'll live.

I am concerned about how I will fund my next trip to Europe, meaning that I will have to come up with some consistent source of income, but I'm thinking more along the line of freelance writing / graphics work rather than being a cranky short order grill cook. I have so much to write about that I haven't the slightest idea where to start. I've got hundreds of super photographs, tonnes of insane stories (in my life, every moment is a crazy story waiting to happen - when you put me in a foreign country, the possibilities double), and all sorts of thoughts and musings running through my head.

However, right now my priorities are as follows: 1) make my house smell nice, 2) unpack my massive suitcases, & 3) figure out how to fix the chain on my bike that broke as I was riding from my temporary residence to my real apartment. ick.

Moira at 11:21 AM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Welcome back, Moira! I can't wait to hear about all the great people you've met. Europe can burn a hole in your pocket, but it shouldn't be too hard to bounce back. For now, get some rest. Jet lag from Europe to the states is the worst.

Posted by: Evan at August 6, 2005 08:15 PM

Glad to hear you're back safe and sound, Moira :-) I'll explain the sugarpacket thing to you someday... or maybe in a blog if I ever get around to it. *shrug* I hope you are able to get along in your sudden switch back to this culture; although I've never been to Europe, I can't imagine it would be an easy transition.

Posted by: Karissa at August 6, 2005 09:23 PM
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