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Save The World: Ride A Bike Today

September 02, 2005

Before I write anything else, let me tell something: On Sunday, this Sunday, the truckers of the world (or at least the nearby U.S.) will unite and refuse to buy gasoline. Watch for it. (My mom's a waitress in a truck stop, kids, she is in the know.) Will this make a difference in the great scheme of things? I don't know, I don't know.


So, gas @ $3.19 at gallon, are you kidding me? Lucky me I'm riding the bus with its stuffy environ and stink of diesel today as we pass the local gas stations stocked with cars filling up before the prices climb higher. I wonder how many people will get a second (or third) job to pay for gas rather than musing on fuel saving alternatives?

Gone, gone are the days of my youth when driving around aimlessly on the back country roads was the top pastime of choice. $5 worth of gas used to take me quite a long way - 79 cents a gallon when I lived in Youngstown in '98 - '99. At home, it was 99 cents. Driving was the cheapest form of fun around. No longer.

I remember when gas prices first rose above a dollar - I was appalled at the prices then - now?

Who can afford $3.19 a gallon? Can you?

I'm thanking the powers that be every second that I made the conscious decision to stop driving before circumstance forced me to make the same decision unwillingly. When pressed, I say I can't afford to drive, but the truth is more complex: I am trying to live my life in support of what I believe. However, my rants on the state of the world tend to make people uncomfortable and "I can't afford it" seems to work okay, especially as gas prices continue to skyrocket towards oblivion.

Enjoy driving while you can, kids!

I'm waiting for prices to shoot up to $5 and, then, when you see me walking up the hill, think about how much money I'm saving by using my own two feet. Though I wouldn't complain about a ride when it's raining... and, yeah, I might change my tune after the first blizzard of the season. But until then... I trudge on.

In truth, I'm beginning to enjoy that fifteen minute trek from my house to the top of the hill. I start off half-asleep but by the time I reach the top, I feel accomplished, awake, and ready to greet another day of education. I love the fresh air, even on the rainy days, and the feel of my feet pounding the pavement.


I wrote this on my new blog two weeks back:
(yes, I'm a traitor. deal. ask nicely, maybe I'll share the URL)


8/21 @ 10:44 a.m.
Doomsday Driving Lessons
Current mood: guilty

Today was the first time I have driven since May 20th or so. My dad came up to me and said, "Drive down to Shaffer's, would you, and pick up a Sunday paper?" I said, "Sure!" Not mentioning the fact that I don't have car insurance. If he'd needed to know, he would have asked, right? So I leap for joy and work up the nerve to ask him if I can stop at any yard sales I might happen to see on the way, knowing full well there are two at least around. He looks at me funny and says, "Of course." As if it were silly of me to ask. As if! Lovely man!

So as I was driving in my pretty pink shoes, I thought to myself, "Have I missed this?" And for the first twenty seconds, the answer was yes. In some respects, I love driving. I love the freedom involved with being able to take off at a moment's notice.

But then I realized something else.

I missed the feel of the wind in my hair. I missed the burn in my thighs, the tightness in my calves, and the clomp of my feet as they pounded the pavement. In short, I was moving as if in a dream.

And let me tell you something, friends, you might want to enjoy driving while you still can.

Look, look at the rising costs of gasoline. $2.50 a gallon, $2.70 predicted by the end of the week. Do you think prices will go down? Oh no. Prices will continue to rise and rise, like dust in the air, because people like you keep fucking buying gas.

Now, I mean no condemnation with such a remark - it is a cultural fault, not the individual's.

But listen:

Is the price of your illusionary liberation truly worth the cost of those thousands, millions of souls who have died in order to make it happen? Surely not.

Please: Be a human. Take a walk today. Get out your dusty old bicycle and pedal around town, just one day. See how you feel. Leave the car parked, enjoy the availability of free transportation. Ride a bus! Do it! Leave your car at home and fend for yourself. Because, believe me, one day it won't be optional. That is all of my doomsday talk for today. You're welcome.


Oh, and kids, a little perspective? I asked my uncle today for the current price of gasoline in Britain. It's 89 pence a liter. After a few conversions with the help of the good old web world wide, I found his rate to be the equivalent of $6.20 a gallon. cripes! so, if you look at it that way, you're getting a hell of a deal at nearly half that. cheers.

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