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Hill Walkers Unite

September 12, 2005

An unexpected benefit of being a "hill walker" is the opportunity to meet new people. This morning I walked partway with Samantha, a sophomore Spanish / Art History major who, it turns out, lives just a street down from me. We walked through Admin into Maura where I discovered that SHU has lockers for commuters! Who knew? Well... apparently a lot of people do since they aren't any left. Oh well.

This afternoon I made the acquaintance of Lisa, a employee at the Cove, genius behind the new BBQ chicken pizza that's been selling like crazy this week. Lisa isn't a student here but likes her job here much more than her last job, which coincidentally enough, is the location of last night's bakery incident. Wild!

Ah the joys... remind me of this when I complain about snowy treks up the hill. ;c)

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Moira, could you tell me how I can change the default background on my blog. It is SO boring. BTW great Scottie colors... I miss seeing all of the red and black.

Posted by: Liz Schomer at September 12, 2005 08:12 PM
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