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Spurlocks Speaks Sensationalism

October 07, 2005

Well, I'm not sure but I probably shouldn't blog my article about Morgan Spurlock's appearance last night. (Newspaper people: am I allowed to do that? How does that work?) I can, however, praise Dr. Klapak's amazing introductory speech that preceded Mr. Spurlock's lecture: I tape recorded the speech and as I listened to it last night, I was even more impressed than I was last night. Go, Dr. Klapak! Truly a masterful verbal performance!

I didn't make up my mind about Spurlock's appearance until I got home last night. There were certainly points throughout Spurlock's speech where I felt the things he said were offensive in some capacity (his joke about Renee Zewellger's fat cells and remarks about the owners of the Outback Steakhouses spring to mind). I felt he was playing to the expectations viewers of his movie have about him... but when I got home last night, I realized how truly masterful his performance was If you have fifteen minutes of fame, you better work it for every second. Spurlock is masterful in this sense.

I felt a little disappointed that he didn't mention current projects: surely he's getting a little sick of talking about McDonalds all the time? And I worried that his continual bashing of McDonalds might actually have the opposite effect than intended by further solidifying the idea in our minds: And, be honest here, how many people started craving McDonalds the more he talked about it? I guarentee at least one person left the lecture and picked up some McGrub. Was it you?

Moira at 04:33 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Moira, I watched the film last semester for my Nutrition class, and yes, I wanted to head to the first McDonald's I could find. While some of Spurlock's points are valid, much of it I felt could be discounted because of the extreme measures he took--no one eats MickyD's morning, noon and night. Also, any sudden and extreme change in diet, even to a completely healthy one of vegies, limited meat, low fats and sugars, etc. will change metabolism to affect "how one feels", meaning, any extreme turnaround will most likely make one feel kinda ill for a few days until the body adjusts.

Posted by: susan at October 7, 2005 06:48 PM

Well, I have to disagree in some respects because I feel like extreme measures are absolutely necessary in a culture as media-jaded as ours. If he hadn't taken such extreme measures, he never would have gotten noticed.

And it's not so much that I mind him bashing McDonalds because I've hated that place for years (even worked there once upon a time, believe me: you do not want to know what goes on behind the scenes).

However, I do agree than any drastic dietary change would lead to repercussions... my friend went vegan over the summer and got pretty ill after a week. But I think doing a vegan diet for a month and doing a McDonalds diet for a month would have completey different end results... hey, Morgan, idea for your next flick??

Posted by: moira at October 7, 2005 10:23 PM
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