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Danger Will Robinson

December 14, 2005

Whatever you do, do not visit this site or you will surely avoid studying for your finals by playing flash-animated games. Then, you will think, "Darn you, Moira, for introducing me to the world of eBaum!" and you'll get mad and hunt me down in order to wreak your revenge. Luckily, I will be easily found at a computer playing Fowl Words or tearing my hair out while I play Unfolding. Then, you will realize what a sick individual I am and instead of punching me in the face like you had planned on doing, you will give me a cookie and pat me on the head. It will be nice.

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Darn you, Moira, for introducing me to the world of eBaum!

There's a really goofy IF game called "Stupid Kittens." I wrote about it here:

Posted by: Evan at January 9, 2006 07:53 PM
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