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April 20, 2006

Creative Writing Exercises

I just found this site so I can't say for sure how useful the exercises are, but they are interesting enough that I wanted to make sure that I remembered to visit the site when I'm at home and in the writing mode.

Creative Writing Prompts

This site rocks my socks! Just wave your magic wand (or mouse, as the case may be) and a writing prompt will magically pop up on your screen and fill you with creative inspiration.


Think your writing sucks? Find out for sure by submitting it to Elektra's Crapometer. I submitted a few pages of a short story and received excellent feedback from the readers of this site. But, remember, be nice: be sure to critique others' work as well.

Miss Snark

If you ever wanted to know what the literary agents are really thinking, visit this blog. Then, again, maybe you shouldn't...

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

Well, it ain't Lansing, but it will answer any question you ever had about writing.

Moira at 10:21 AM :: Comments (1) :: ::

Nice links! Thanks for sharing them... I'll take notes for the next time I teach publication workshop. So happy to see you so energized about fictioneering.

Posted by: Mike Arnzen at April 21, 2006 08:08 AM
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