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June 26, 2006

The past week has been an exciting whirlwind of writing-related activities as I participated in my first residency for the Writing of Popular Fiction program. I am thrilled to be involved in this active community of writers, but, I must confess, I feel a little out of place in the whole thing. I listed myself as a fantasy writer, but I'm not sure I fit that genre at all. I met a lot of wonderful people during my time here, but I didn't feel like I really bonded with anyone. I was disappointed by that, but I suppose it's my own fault for being so darn weird.

In truth, I felt quite out of place. I did initiate quite a few random conversations with people, but since I was unable to participate in most of the evening activities (the ones I knew about, that is), I probably missed a lot of bonding time. I think I'll adjust to the environment, and have more of an idea of what to expect next time around. It was a lot of fun regardless, and I left feeling inspired to write my heart out, if nothing else.

I'm excited to begin work on my novel, the idea for which has grown and evolved over the last week from my original idea into a much stronger premise. I've mapped out my direction (as much as I know it) and discussed the idea with a savvy-reader friend who has offered many helpful suggestions. I'll be sharing my work with my mentor and three peers over the next several months, and I think that aspect of the program appeals to me more than the forced social engagements.

It's not that I don't enjoy being around other people, and fellow writers to boot, but the past month or so has been a pleasant change from my ordinarily quite-frazzled existence. I've been unemployed since a week before graduation and spend most of my time writing, gardening, cleaning, walking, and otherwise keeping it "real" in the GBG. Moving from that into graduate studies was quite a switch. I'm determined to figure out a way to continue this new simple lifestyle -- I love it!

I'm starting as a private writing tutor next month, which is a nice chunk of change for doing something I absolutely love, and I'm going to find a few other clients. I might also pick up a job babysitting with a local family. I've been sending out manuscripts here and there, and I'm hoping to make a professional sale (or two or ten... hah!) by the end of the year. I have a pile of boxes reaching almost to the ceiling in my kitchen; I am hoping to make a tidy sum at the yard sale I'm having next month.

Whenever people ask me what I do, I say "Nothing!" and that's fun. I can sleep 'til noon if I want, though I usually don't. I can blast music and dance around my apartment at midnight since the guy upstairs works the night shift. I write stories about magical vomit and evil talk show hosts. I make my way to the local farmer's market at least once a week, and I'm a regular at the libraries in town and on campus. I walk for miles at a stretch with my best friend and drink hot tea next to my porch garden. I let the neighbor's kids feed my fish, who is lucky to still be alive, and I bake muffins from scratch once a week or so. My life, though simple, is grand.

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Ah, simplicity!

For Christmas last year, I asked Santa for 12 uninterrupted hours so I could play a video game, followed by a day of light household duties so I could recover. Santa didn't come through for me.

I've been teaching my daughter how to read and just finished reading another Narnia book to my son... I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for my bachelor life, but but your post certainly brought back the memories of my carefree youth.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at June 26, 2006 11:49 PM

Jealous! I feel like I'm doing everything except writing, reading, and enjoying summer. I work a lot, and drive even more sometimes. I'm making a steady paycheck, which I need, but I hate being tired all of the time. I try to chill out with a book when I can, and I have a writer's journal that gets a few bulleted lists once in awhile, but nothing substantial. I'm not moving very far through the 6 or so books I've stared. I do get fresh fruit, though. Thank goodness for that. It keeps me sane. Haha.

Posted by: Karissa at June 27, 2006 09:10 AM

It's true that no one could say I wasn't enjoying my summer. I went swimming in a river yesterday with three kids and their moms. It was a blast. Maybe Santa will come through this year, Dr. J. And, Karissa, don't worry, you'll have your fun in the sun! ;c)

Posted by: moira at June 29, 2006 03:09 PM
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