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Munich travel information

July 22, 2006

As I was surfing the web in order to plan for my spring trip to Munich, Germany, I can across this page:

Mike's Bike Tours :: Munich Tourist Information

Although the information on this page should be taken with a grain of salt since the author is trying to sell a service, "Mike" makes some great points, such as watching out for elderly nude men in the English Garden:

"At any rate, 95% of the nudists are (eccentric) men and seeing them can often be a frightening experience. Be careful."

Later, "Mike" writes:

Generally the Germans are very friendly people, especially to English-speaking tourists because they love to practice their language skills on you. Hopefully you wonít encounter any unfriendlies, but it could happen. Such people should however not be taken the least bit seriously, and I found out early on here that a strong, self confident reply in fluent German with a good dash of humor floors them almost every time.

Try something like this: "Es tut mir Leid, ich bin nur ein blŲder Tourist" (Iím sorry, Iím just a stupid tourist) or "Na, nicht ausgeschlafen, was?" (oh, didnít get enough sleep last night huh?) or perhaps the best answer might be "Wissen Sie was? Mir ist es Wurst!" (You know what, I couldnít care less), or literally, "To me itís sausage!"

I love it.

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Have fun! In the meantime, here's some wholesome German expressions to commit to your vocabulary ;c)

Posted by: Evan at July 23, 2006 01:04 AM
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