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Portfolio Handbook - Free for YOU!

August 22, 2006

So, I'm going through the myriad stacks of paper in my apartment, and I found my copy of SHU's Portfolio Handbook. Any seniors out in the blogosphere want it? You can save yourself the $3 the bookstore charges for a bound copy and get a head start on the panic attack that which is the senior portfolio. Do you want it?

Also, I have my cap and gown - these cost me $50, but I'll sell 'em to you, only slightly used ;c), for $30! You can't beat it!

Leave me a comment if you are interested in either. I'll deliver to SHU anytime.

Moira at 06:28 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Tsk, tsk, tsk... Moira! Turning the SHU blogs into a regular e-bay! :P

Of course, you know those fiction writers always make millions off their books ;c)

Hope you find a customer. I'll see you around somewhere...

Posted by: Evan at August 22, 2006 07:20 PM

Aww.. I'm just trying to help a brotha or sista out, dawg. ;c)

So how are you doing, Evan? We should hang out sometime soon! I have deadline on Sunday, but I'm free after that, if you wanna hang out. Call me?

Posted by: moira at August 22, 2006 09:59 PM
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