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First day of school! oh wait...

August 28, 2006

I couldn't resist hitching a ride up to campus today to enjoy the first day of school: the grumbling commuters upset about the four missing parking spaces in A lot, the "freshman fear" and the oh-so-fun game of freshman spotting, and the low-on-toner printers in the computer lab. Oh, yeah, and those delish baked caramel apples in the cafeteria.

It's weird, this not having classes in August thing. I mean, before you think I'm a total slacker*, I am a Graduate Student now. This means I write, occasionally, every once in a while, whenever I have to. I just don't have classes like ye mere undergraduates. Instead, I have deadline panics (along with "why the heck am i trying to be a writer?" freak outs) and Tuesday night chats which I can attend, if I so desire, wearing nothing but a hot pink tutu and a Billy Idol tube top. Rock on. This is why I stuck it out that decade it took me to get a Bachelor's.

Yes, you read that right. A decade. Well, almost. Nine years to be precise. Most people complete their degrees in anywhere from three to five years, but I took nine. Nine! Crazy. So, what did I do in the meantime? Well, you'll have to read my as-yet-unwritten autobiography for that one. *wink* I tell you this not to brag about my journey, but to encourage you to enjoy yours.

Enjoy the months of absorbing knowledge. Open your mind and let it flow in. And don't freak out about always having to get A's or never getting A's: In the long run, the grades don't matter.

"Sure grades matter!" You might be thinking. "I'll never get into grad school without a 4.0."

Maybe that's true, and maybe it's not, but one way or the other, I believe you'll end up exactly where you are supposed to be, if you follow your heart more often than not and if you live, as much as you can, an authentic and genuine life. That's a lesson it took me a long time to learn, and no amount of cramming can ever teach it. In fact, shouldn't you be doing homework or something?

Don't be jealous, but here's how I spent my non-academic evening:

Sew Sew Sewing!

Go crafts. Happy school year!

* Oh I am! I am! Yay!

Moira at 10:17 PM :: Comments (1) :: ::

You lucky little...!

Enjoy this bit of freedom while you can... soon you will have to go back to the "real world" and get a job! Muahahahaha... -snort- ha! :c)

Posted by: Evan at August 31, 2006 07:27 PM
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