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The Best Radio Station In The World

December 08, 2006

Have you ever heard of Pandora Internet Radio? It's an excellent music source.

Basically, you create "stations" by inputting the name of a band/song that you enjoy. Then, you further customize the station by adding other bands that you like, practically an infinite number can be added. Then, Pandora creates a customized listening experience for you by the use of musical analysis and magical fairies pixies that play music the pixies think you will enjoy. They figure this out, naturally, by burrowing into the soft recesses of your brain while you are distracted by the AWESOME music.

Then, in order for the pixies to give you an aura of control, you get to rate each song "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", which is a good way for you to rate the music, but kinda pisses off the pixies since slave pixies never have thumbs. After a while, the great pixie god well tell you to just "enjoy" the music already, but you can totally ignore the little thumbless runt.

After you've created a kickass radio station, you can tell both of your friends about it through the "share" feature. The station then becomes your friend's station, who can use his thumbs at his own risk to further adapt the station to his own needs.

Need help getting started? Here's the station I'm listening to right now. Cool! You can listen to the same music as a Literary Tease! (It's old school, but good.)

Actually, this whole experiment (omniously titled "The Music Genome Project") just proves that music is the devil, and, since after all the evils left Pandora's box back in the day, the only thing left was hope. I hope that you check out Pandora. You should act fast, because something this cool won't remain completely free for long. And, I'll tell you what, when they start charging for it, it will be so worth it.

Oh, and P.S., I have 11 different stations right now, and the Great Pixie God hasn't cut off my station-creation abilities yet.

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