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San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair

February 3, 2007

I'm excited because I just booked a ticket to San Francisco in March to attend the 12th Annual Anarchist Bookfair.

The event is free and promotes independent media makers by providing a place for peeps to meet and greet. Apparently people from all over the world show up, it's free, and, since I'm independently publishing a magazine (first issue available soon), I figured this would be a great place to make contacts.

They've got a load of speakers lined up, and I found someone with a place I can crash for free.

I'm pumped.

So, anyone want to join me as I enter the wonderful world of anarchist media makers? My ticket was $164 via priceline.

Moira at 12:10 PM :: Comments (2) :: ::

I wish I could get Mike on a plane...
Maybe we could mixed up a cocktail like the A-Team did for Mr. T-?

Posted by: Cherie at February 4, 2007 11:58 AM

I didn't know what you meant, but after yesterday's trip to B&N and a glance at the Fear calendar on the clearance rack, I now know that Mr T. was scared of flying. Let's do it!

Posted by: Moira at February 5, 2007 11:49 AM
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