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Seton Hill Got Pipes

July 21, 2007

Anyone know anything about Seton Hill's newest Pipe Band? Evan, my dad, and I caught the band as they were practising in the Admin lawn today, and they sound excellent! Apparently, the band has been together for a while and competes in a variety of piping events, but they've recenlty received a sponsorship from Seton Hill and will be playing for homecoming.

I won't be around for the event, but I definitely recommend checking them out. They sound great!

There are drummers and bagpipes. They'll be wearing kilts, though it's not the Seton tartan, not yet anyway, and the drummers do cool dance-y type motions as they play. I enjoyed hanging out and listening, and got to chat a little with one of their adults about their upcoming events (Ligonier for the Highland Games is one) and their planned trip to Scotland in two years for the Edinburgh festival for the world championships in piping.

How exciting for Seton Hill to be able to enjoy their great music! I'm totally jealous.

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