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Job Providence Already?

July 25, 2007

I'm excited to post that I haven't even moved to Providence yet (leaving Friday night, wish me luck!), but I got a fantastic job that that pays actual money for my writing skills! I'm very pumped and wanted to share my good news. Since I'll be in New England by the weekend, I should say "wicked" good news.

I'll be writing a monthly arts & theater feature for Campus Connection magazine. The magazine is a freebie distributed at the five different colleges in Providence, which I figure offers great potential for me to gain an audience (which might help me sell my novel-in-progress? I'm crossing my fingers on that one). I'll be paid 5 cents a word, on average, and (this is my favorite part) I'll have a great reason to check out all the art and theater events in the area, which I'm way into anyway, and I'll get tickets for some of the events. Plus, I'm bound to meet great new people, too. Rock!

My first article, which will be out in September, covers the Henry Horenstein exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design, a black&white photographic exploration of the Honky Tonk scene.

How did I get the job? I found a posting on Rhode Island's Craigslist and sent in my resume, as well as a link to this blog. My new editor (who I can't wait to meet!) said she was impressed with my blog writing, and, lucky for me, took a chance hiring someone she hasn't yet met. How wicked awesome is that?

In addition, I have an interview on Monday with a new tutoring company in Rhode Island called McElroy Tutoring. They are San Diego-based, but are opening a new branch in, of all places, Providence. Wicked. I'll keep you* posted about that.

* In Pittsburghese, the plural of you is youns, or yinz. Down South, it's y'all. What is it in New England? Guess I'll have to let you know about that one as well.

Finally, a friend emailed me a link to the Providence Open Market. It's for arts and crafts vendors, every Saturday, and I'm hoping to check it out and apply to be a vendor, if I think my jewelry and other art projects will be a good fit. I'm looking forward to it! Cross your fingers for me, eh?

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That's wonderful news re the writing gig, Moria! Congratulations!

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at July 25, 2007 9:10 PM

Best of luck, Moira! New England is wicked sweet!

Posted by: Amanda at July 28, 2007 3:56 PM
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