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"They're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. "It makes me sad because I've never seen such--such beautiful shirts before." pg 92

This quote really made me think about what kind of character Daisy really was. I think that this quote comes off that she is a very shallow and materialistic individual, but i think it really gives some insight into how she is. Before she said this quote, they were in Gatsby's room and he was telling her how he has a man from England who sends him the new shirts each season. He goes through and shows Daisy what colors and fabrics there are. I really think when Daisy states that she has never seen such "beautiful shirts" that she really means that she is shock of Gatsby. Also, I believe this is the moment when she realizes that she has always loved him, and that Tom was really just stability and money for her. All this time she has known that she should have waited for Gatsby. So does this quote really mean she just likes his shirts, or do they represent her love for him?


Chelsie Bitner said:

I think i represents more of her love for him then the like of the shirts. I think she is just fascinated in everyway about the situation -about his house, everything in it, and now the shirts.

Aja Hannah said:

I was hoping someone would do this quote because I didn't understand it at first.

Perhaps, the great value of the shirts overwhelmed her. Yes, she should have waited for Gatsby who would be rich and wonderful. The great shirts also possibly show her how tacky Tom is and how he would never have such great things in her house.

It may have been her showing her love and finally realizing it, but it might have also been her final breaking from Tom and viewing how her life really is.

Joshua Wilks said:

I dont think its about the shirts at all. DAisy is definitely just overwhelmed at this point at her meeting with gatsby and not with the shirts. Its kind of just something to say since she is crying. Since there are shirts there she uses them as an excuse. That is the way it came off to me at least.

You've raised some good points. Is Daisy so shallow that the sight of the shirts makes her this emotional? Does she recognize that, because of her marriage to Tom, she has to be very careful about what she actually says to Gatsby, so that she pretends it's just the shirts. But I like Aja's suggestion, which I think approaches the issue the way a creative writer would. How can Fitzgerald hint at Daisy's depth, giving clues for the reader to piece together, without coming right out and TELLING the reader exactly what's going on? Nick tells us early on he likes to reserve judgments, which means that he gives us lots of description and little interpretation, which is one reason why the scenes Nick tells us about are so rich with opportunities for the reader to interpret the events.

I see that this is definately one of those quotes that would directly refer to what a materialistic person daisy is. but I also believe that Daisy gets emotional because she compares Gatsby's success to Tom's, and it upsets her that he seems more successful than Tom.

Yes, it 'a all about the shirts.

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